Thursday, January 09, 2014

Soviet Army Day - CCCP

Today I've received two awesome cards from Russia. The first one will engross my collection of vintage CCCP cards, this one issued in 1976 and celebrating the Soviet Armed Forces that celebrated the national holiday of February 23th. Thank you very much Olga. This postcard took 29 days to arrive!

"Glory to the Soviet Armed Forces" - CCCP
The Council of People's Commissars set up the Red Army by decree on January 15, 1918, basing it on the already-existing Red Guard. The official Red Army Day of February 23, 1918 marked the day of the first mass draft of the Red Army in Petrograd and Moscow, and of the first combat action against the rapidly advancing Imperial German Army. February 23 became an important national holiday in the Soviet Union, later celebrated as "Soviet Army Day", and it continues as a day of celebration in present-day Russia as Defenders of the Motherland Day.

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