Friday, January 17, 2014

Siracusa - ITALY - UNESCO #1200

Today I've received five beautiful cards from Sicily, Italy. They were sent by Ricca a postcrosser that lives in Siracusa and the four cards I share in this post, all show precisely classified UNESCO sites from Siracusa, a place filled with history. I've been in beautiful Sicily several years ago and I was overwhelmed by the archeological richness on that island  (horrible weather unfortunately, couldn't go to Etna and visited Agrigento and Casale under massive showers... really must return there one day). Thank you very much Giuseppe for all this amazing postcards of some of the landmarks of your hometown, now I have 269 sites in my collection, 712 more and I'm done. This postcards took 3 days to arrive!

UNESCO #1200 - Roman Amphitheatre, Siracusa - ITALY
UNESCO #1200 - Apollo Temple (oldest Doric in Italy), Siracusa - ITALY
UNESCO #1200 - Ear of Dionysos, Siracusa - ITALY
UNESCO #1200 - Greek Theatre, Siracusa - ITALY
The Syracuse/Pantalica ensemble, through its remarkable cultural diversity, offers exceptional testimony to the development of civilization over some three millennia. Situated on the Mediterranean coast in south-eastern Sicily, and having always enjoyed a favourable climate while being relatively free of marked relief, the zone of monuments and archeological sites proposed for inscription on the World Heritage list has been inhabited since protohistoric times.

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