Friday, January 24, 2014

Saint Sava Temple, Belgrade - SERBIA

My first postcard from Serbia arrived today! It was sent by my good friend Onder, a Turkish Postcrosser that went there on business. Serbia is one of the few European countries I've never visited and, to be honest I don't know much about... for instance, I've never thought that the largest Orthodox church in the world could be on Belgrade! Thank you very much Onder for this nice surprise, hope you had a wonderful time in Serbia. This postcard took 13 days to arrive!

Saint Sava Temple, Belgrade - SERBIA
The Cathedral of Saint Sava (or Temple of Saint Sava) is a Orthodox church located in Vračar, Belgrade, Serbia. It is the largest Orthodox church in the world and ranks amongst the ten largest church buildings in the world. The church is dedicated to Saint Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is built on the Vračar plateau, on the location where it is alleged that his remains were burned in 1595 by the Ottoman Empire's Sinan Pasha. From its location, it dominates Belgrade's cityscape, and is perhaps the most monumental building in the city.


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