Friday, January 10, 2014

Roman Walls of Lugo, Galicia - SPAIN - UNESCO #987

When returning to Portugal from A Coruña, we made a small detour through the city of Lugo, mainly to visit the UNESCO classified Roman City Walls (and, of course, send a postal to myself!). It was our first visit to Lugo and to be honest we didn't like it very much - sure the walls are quite impressive (we took the 2km walk and made a full circle) but they are buried in the city, surrounded by noisy traffic (I was expecting something more like Ávila - beautiful place!). Well the postcard arrived today and so, I now have 261 WHS in my collection, 720 more and I'm done (easy peasy!). This postcard took 7 days to arrive!

UNESCO #987 - Roman Walls of Lugo, Galicia - SPAIN
The walls of Lugo are an outstanding example of the type of construction and architectural and archaeological group which illustrates various significant periods of human history. Starting with their Roman origins and passing through the problematical Middle Ages to the innovatory and disturbed 19th century, they unite in a single monumental construction over 2 km long different proofs and facets of the evolution of a town such as Lugo (itself a historical and artistic ensemble) from the original Lucus Augusti. 


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