Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The Paimo Sanatorium (renamed in 1971 as Paimo Hospital), is considered a masterpiece of Early Modern architecture. The functional shapes and structural solutions of this building have inspired and influenced generations of architects all over the world and still annually attract thousands of Aalto enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. It's on the tentative list to become a UNESCO WHS. Thank you very much Niina for introducing me this building (I confess I didn't knew it). This postcard took 7 days to arrive! 

Paimio Sanatorium was built in 1930-1933 on the basis of architect Alvar Aalto's winning entry in an architecture competition (1928-1929). The site of the building was a sandy terrain in the middle of a pine forest, and was considered a healthy location. The main building was placed on the highest point of the area, and oriented in a north-south direction. All buildings are white-rendered, forming an impressive contrast to the dark green fir trees of the forest landscape.


  1. Actually this is one of the few (tentative) sites I know of which were built in more recent times. The other one I understood of a few weeks ago was a modern villa in Brno, Czech Republic. Certainly not my type for tourist visits, but then again..maybe someone goes to such places as a tourist :)

  2. The Villa Tugendhat, Brno is not a tentative, it's a World Heritage Site since 2001.
    It's funny, your comment is similar to the one I wrote when I get the postcard from Brno (or the Rietveld Schröder House in the Netherlands ) - my lack of knowledge in architecture doesn't allow to appreciate this sites (a bit like modern art... I'm definetely a old-fasioned guy!)

  3. Hehe :)
    Yes, I know it's on the list, but falls into the "modern architecture" type of sites :) And yes, I think that in a century time such buildings will be regarded as "old-style" or "classical style" sites :)
    I've been to Brno but never thought of visiting this villa, even though I read a lot about it being advertised as a must for tourists :) I preferred the old town and the castle, as well as old-style inns with delicious traditional food :-D