Monday, January 27, 2014

New Afon Cave, Abkhasia - GEORGIA

This vintage card (1983) is a official POSTCROSSING card sent from Russia but it shows the curious electric train that carry tourists to the New Afon Cave, the biggest in Georgia (the access tunnel has more than 1500m). After searching more information online I've found out that unfortunately, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and with all the internal troubles of Georgia, both Russian and international tourism almost came to an end and the cave has very little visitors. Thank you very much Victoria for this interesting card - even sent from Russia I'll consider this one as my first postcard from Georgia. This postcard took 37 days to arrive!

Entrance to the New Afon Cave, Abkhasia - GEORGIA
The Novoafonskaya peschera (New Afon Cave) is the most important tourist cave of Abkhazia and Georgia. The cave is very huge, and six big chambers are developed for the public. The biggest one is the Gruzish Cavers Chamber, which is 260m long, 75m wide and up to 50m high. Novoafonskaya is widely renowned for its wealth of speleothems. Beneath stalactites and stalagmites, which are formed of calcite, there are also gypsum crystals of various forms. Crystals resembling little flowers, cover the formation called White Mountain.


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