Friday, January 03, 2014

Monte Perdido - SPAIN - UNESCO #773

Establishing a large part of the border between France and Spain, the Pyrénées mountains spread for almost 500km from Biscay to Creus. It's a important destination for Portuguese and Spanish tourists, specially during winter for ski. I go there from time to time, not for skiing (never tried, I'm a bit afraid I confess) but for trekking and driving to there is just amazing (some of the best scenic routes I drove are located precisely around Mont Perdu). Thank you very much Maria, I have now one more UNESCO WHS, the 256th in my collection (725 to finish!). This postcard took 15 days to arrive!
UNESCO #773 - Mont Perdu National Park - SPAIN
This outstanding mountain landscape, which spans the contemporary national borders of France and Spain, is centred around the peak of Mount Perdu, a calcareous massif that rises to 3,352 m. The site, includes two of Europe's largest and deepest canyons on the Spanish side and three major cirque walls on the more abrupt northern slopes with France, classic presentations of these geological landforms. The site is also a pastoral landscape reflecting an agricultural way of life that was once widespread in the upland regions of Europe but now survives only in this part of the Pyrénées.

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