Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wishing you a Sweet Christmas

Christmas is finally here!!!... I don't know about you, but with Christmas I'm like a little boy - I make the countdown from December 1st till the 24th. It's my favorite time of the year... time for giving, for sharing a good moment with my family and the ones I care he most, trading presents, having fun and specially a time for eating all those good things we normally have at this time of the year. Yes, Christmas is mostly a time of feasting with awesome food and specially wonderful deserts and sweets. Here in Portugal we have all kinds of sugary temptations to enjoy at the holiday season! Several friends of the POSTCROSSING official forum asked me to make a series of postcards representing traditional Christmas deserts - I've accepted their challenge and the result was a series of 5 postcards (I've chosen five traditional deserts and gave it a look like a Maxicard with the Cock of Barcelos, the most well known Portuguese symbol, as the stamp) that a company printed and it was released as a special edition of postcards... several were sent has official card by several POSTCROSSING users and the others sent directly to friends and family. I've received the full set signed by all of them several days ago, but I only publish them today and with this post I wish you all a Merry Sweet and Happy Christmas, hoping you may spend this night surrounded by your beloved and having the time of your life... with a spoonful of a sugary delight! Thank you all for the cards and for giving me the opportunity to create this set of postcards that took our traditional sweets to all the world! 






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