Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Uvs Nuur Basin - RUSSIA - UNESCO #769

What a great Postcrossing day, no officials but 3 new UNESCO WHS I was waiting for almost a month now. The first came from Russia showing a place with a weird name (sounds almost Klingon) and that looks deserted but it has the richest biodiversity in Eurasia. Thank you very much Galina, this beautiful card  makes my collection reach a neat 240 sites, only 741 to the end. This postcard took 27 days to arrive!

UNESCO #769 - Uvs Nuur Basin - RUSSIA
The Uvs Nuur Basin (1,068,853 ha), is the northernmost of the enclosed basins of Central Asia. It takes its name from Uvs Nuur Lake, a large, shallow and very saline lake, important for migrating birds, waterfowl and seabirds. The site is made up of twelve protected areas representing the major biomes of eastern Eurasia. The mountains are an important refuge for the globally endangered snow leopard, mountain sheep (argali) and the Asiatic ibex.


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