Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Along with the two nude BW pictures, Ondrej sent me this beautiful painting of the first holy night (Svatá Noc) by the famous Czech artist Josef Lada. Thank you very much Ondrej for this postcard and the nice message you wrote - I hope you may have a fantastic Christmas. This postcard took 12 days to arrive!

Svatá Noc (1933), Josef Lada - CZECH REPUBLIC
Josef Lada (born 17 December 1887 in Hrusice - 14 December 1957 in Prague, buried at Olšany Cemetery) was a Czech painter and writer. He is best known as the illustrator of Jaroslav Hašek's World War One novel The Good Soldier Švejk. He produced nearly 600 cartoons of the Švejk characters, depicting Austria-Hungary officers and civil servants as incompetent, abusive and often drunk. Lada also produced landscapes, created frescoes and designed costumes for plays and films. Over the years he created a series of paintings and drawings depicting traditional Czech occupations.

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