Thursday, December 05, 2013

Shuihuo Cave, Alishan - TAIWAN (R.O.C.)

My first postcard from Taiwan! In the small island of Taiwan (officially the "Republic of China" which is different of "People's Republic of China" that normally we call only China... confused? well, it's a long story and a bit hard to explain!) there are much more things than electronics factories; lot's of people don't know, but Taiwan have lots of beautiful natural areas like Alishan where this cave stands (Shuihuo means Water and Fire). Thank you very much Chang, I really like your card and the stamps you used are amazing. This postcard took 12 days to arrive!

Shuihuo Cave, Alishan - TAIWAN (R.O.C.)
The Alishan National Scenic Area is a mountain resort and natural preserve located in the mountains of Chiayi County in Taiwan, Republic of China. It is 415 km² in area. It includes, among other things, mountain wilderness, four villages, waterfalls, high altitude tea plantations, the Alishan Forest Railway and several hiking trails. The area is popular among tourists and mountain climbers.


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