Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Shrimp fishing on horseback - BELGIUM - UNESCO ICH #673

I've got this peculiar card exactly on the same day that the UNESCO Committee anounced the recognition of this traditional activity as World Heritage - for those that never heard of it (it was also my case I confess) try to sy out loud "Shrimp Fishing on Horseback in Belgium"... admit it, it's a strange thing to say, no? I had a few laughs with some friends imagining the Belgium fisherman doing it like a cowboy in a rodeo catching each shrimp with a laced rope, jumping to hold it down and burning it with a hot iron. Ok now, seriously - it's a peculiar tradition and I'm glad UNESCO put it on the list and of course I'm very happy to have one card on my collection. Thanks a million Henk, I love this card! This postcard took 5 days to arrive!
Shrimp fishing on horseback - BELGIUM - UNESCO ICH #673
Twelve households in Oostduinkerke are actively engaged in shrimp fishing: each has its own speciality, such as weaving nets or an extensive knowledge of Brabant draft horses. Twice a week, except in winter months, the strong Brabant horses walk breast-deep in the surf in Oostduinkerke, parallel to the coastline, pulling funnel-shaped nets held open by two wooden boards.

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