Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pirin Mountains - BULGARIA - UNESCO#225

With this second card Tsvetana sent me (an amazing picture of a place that looks really beautiful, when I look before reading the back I thought it was from New Zealand, it really seems one of the sets of "The Fellowship of the Ring"), I've completed all the sites from Bulgaria in the current UNESCO list - Thank you very much Tsveti, you've been a major help to my collection (now let's do the tentative list, eheheh). Ok now, let's do the math, another country complete and a total of 242 sites received, 739 more and I'm done. This postcard took 23 days to arrive!

UNESCO #225 - Pirin Mountains - BULGARIA
Spread over an area of over 27,000 ha, at an altitude between 1008 and 2914 m in the Pirin Mountains, southwest Bulgaria, the site comprises diverse limestone mountain landscapes with glacial lakes, waterfalls, caves and predominantly coniferous forests. It was added to the World Heritage List in 1983. The extension now covers an area of around 40,000 ha in the Pirin Mountains, and overlaps with the Pirin National Park, except for two areas developed for tourism (skiing). The dominant part of the extension is high mountain territory over 2000m in altitude, and covered mostly by alpine meadows, rocky screes and summits.



  1. Yay, Bulgaria's UNESCO sites is complete! :) Hehe, as far as I remember, I've already started sending you postcards from the tentative list. I'm not sure when exactly and what exactly I sent. I must check. Anyway, whatever I have from the tentative list available, will one day reach your collection :-D

  2. Thanks again Tsveti!... you should be getting a surprise envelope soon with two vintage cards with traditional costumes - from where? Can't say, it's a surprise! :-)
    A wonderful 2014 for you and your beloved...