Friday, December 20, 2013

"In a Bath-House" (1913) - RUSSIA

Postcards with reproductions of paintings are a great way to travel a little bit to the genious mind of the artist that created that masterpiece, remembering the magic moment when we saw it live for the first time or, like in this case, getting to know an artist work for the first time. The modernist Zinaida Serebriakova was completely strange to me until today and judging by some of the paintings I've spoted on GoogleImages it's definitely a artist whose work really deserves a better look. Thanks a lot for your postcard Dalee, but please next time try to write in English (I really can't understand Russian). This postcard took 16 days to arrive!
"Баня" (In a Bath-House) (1913), Zinaida Seregriakova - RUSSIA
Zinaida Serebriakova (12 December 1884 – 19 September 1967) was born on the estate of Neskuchnoye near Kharkov (now Kharkiv, Ukraine) and was among the first female Russian painters of distinction. Her albums sold by the millions, and she was compared to Botticelli and Renoir. However, although she sent about 200 of her works to be shown in the Soviet Union, the bulk of her work remains in France today.

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