Thursday, December 19, 2013

Congress Hall , Philadelphia - PA - USA

Back in the days when Philadelphia was the capital of the nation, the House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States sat in this building. Only after I read carefully the entrance in the UNESCO webpage I realized that this is not the building classified as World Heritage Site, but the Independence Hall that stands a few meters away. Thank you very much Nicole, nevertheless I'm glad I asked for this card - it's not UNESCO but it's still a important building in your country history (and a wonderful vintage card). This postcard took 12 days to arrive!

Congress Hall, Philadelphia - PA - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Congress Hall is a building near the intersection of Chestnut and 6th Streets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that served as the seat of the United States Congress from December 6, 1790 to May 14, 1800. Congress Hall was restored throughout the 20th century to its original appearance in 1796. The building is now managed by the National Park Service within the Independence National Historical Park and is open for tours by the public. Congress Hall should not be confused with Independence Hall, which is located next door.


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