Friday, November 01, 2013

The Kasbah of Algiers - ALGERIA - UNESCO #565

Today I had a very nice surprise in my mailbox sent by Ledmia from Algeria... not one but two cards showing the ancient Kasbah of the capital Algiers. I've never been to Algeria, but when I visited Tunisia, the medinas were definitely my favorite spots - its amazing to get lost in those labyrinth streets, catching the sounds and smells of the little shops. Thank you very much Ledmia for sending me this two cards (I was only expecting one) - love the vintage photo of the interior of the Bardo Museum that shows the interior of a rich merchant house. Another UNESCO site from Algeria that increases my collection to 217, only 764 till the end. This postcards took 16 days to arrive!   
UNESCO #565 - Kashbah view, Algiers - ALGERIA

UNESCO #565 - Interior of a rich house, Bardo Museum, Algiers - ALGERIA
The Kasbah is a unique kind of medina, or Islamic city. It stands in one of the finest coastal sites on the Mediterranean, overlooking the islands where a Carthaginian trading-post was established in the 4th century BC. There are the remains of the citadel, old mosques and Ottoman-style palaces as well as the remains of a traditional urban structure associated with a deep-rooted sense of community.

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