Friday, November 22, 2013

Portinho da Arrábida - PORTUGAL - UNESCO TENTATIVE

After a day without any postcards (I wasn't used to that anymore), today my mailbox offered me 4 reasons to smile, The first one is this amazing vintage card (probably from the late 60s, early 70s) showing some fishing on the calm  waters of "Portinho da Arrábida", part of the Arrábida Natural Park, a UNESCO tentative site since 2004 (I wonder if it is next year the promotion to WHS). Thank you very much Gracinha, I really loved this card (please feel free to send me more vintage cards - they're my favorite). This postcard took 18 days to arrive!
Portinho da Arrábida - PORTUGAL - UNESCO TENTATIVE
Between Setubal and Sesimbra lies the Arrábida Natural Park, a beautiful protected area covered with pines and rich Mediterranean vegetation, including many rare species. Perched up on the hills overlooking the sea is a dazzling white 16th century Franciscan monastery, and along the slope of the hillside are five round chapels once used for solitary meditation. Down below, the crystal-clear waters of the sheltered beach of Portinho da Arrábida Monastery in Arrabida Natural Park are relatively warm and popular with scuba divers and underwater fishermen.


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous vintage card! As a writer, I really love the image on this card because it evokes a lot of beautiful feelings.

    Found your blog via the Postcrossing forum! My username there is daniellevillano :)


    1. Hi Danielle - sorry for the late reply, I didn't see your comment early! I really love vintage postcards and illustrations (as I say in my profile I'm a bit old-fashioned!). You're a writer? That's awesome! I'm a compulsive reader and I've tried writing something once or twice in the past, but didn't have the guts to show it to anyone (only a few poems to pick up girls back on college!)... maybe one day, like when I retire! :)
      Best of luck with "For the Love of the Gods" sales...