Monday, November 04, 2013

Olympic National Park - WA - USA - UNESCO #151

This oficial postcard came all to way from the United States of America and it presented me to a National Park I must confess I've never heard before - and it really seams beautiful. Thank you so much Becky for this wonderful card (I really appreciate that you've chosen a UNESCO card) and your nice words (don't feel sorry for that tree, have you considerer planting another? It's a very nice and warm feeling to plant a tree and then slowly watch it growth). Ok now, the 220 WHS mark is acomplished, 761 more and I'm done. This postcard took 7 days to arrive! 
UNESCO #151 - Olympic National Park, WA - USA
Located in the north-west of Washington State, Olympic National Park is renowned for the diversity of its ecosystems. Glacier-clad peaks interspersed with extensive alpine meadows are surrounded by an extensive old growth forest, among which is the best example of intact and protected temperate rainforest in the Pacific Northwest. Eleven major river systems drain the Olympic mountains, offering some of the best habitat for anadromous fish species in the country.

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