Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monastic Island of Reichenau - GERMANY - UNESCO #974

Another UNESCO site in Germany I've never heard of before today - in the northern reaches of Lake Constance there is a island where still stands a 1300 years monastery and several consecrated churches, all with more than 1000 years and even today there are congregations that live and work there... amazing! The postcrosser that sent this card lives only 2 1/2 hours from Reichenau and she likes to buy biologic vegetables that are grown there. Thank you very much Steffi, I really enjoyed this card and your message. Now I have 227 sites, only 754 to the end. This postcard took 3 days to arrive!

UNESCO #974 - Monastic Island of Reichenau - GERMANY
The island of Reichenau on Lake Constance preserves the traces of the Benedictine monastery, founded in 724, which exercised remarkable spiritual, intellectual and artistic influence. The churches of St Mary and Marcus, St Peter and St Paul, and St George, mainly built between the 9th and 11th centuries, provide a panorama of early medieval monastic architecture in central Europe. Their wall paintings bear witness to impressive artistic activity.

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