Friday, November 01, 2013

La Pointe des Chateaux - GUADELOUPE

This second card from Guadeloupe (I know that formally it's France, but I'll only use the label Guadeloupe for all this cards) shows one of the major attractions of the island (more than half a million visitors each year), the eastern peninsula of the island of Grande-Terre where my sister in law and her husband went walking with some stops for a bath in the warm waters of the Caribe sea (really, I'm not envious at all!). This postcards took 8 days to arrive!

Pointe des Châteaux - GUADELOUPE
La Pointe des Châteaux is a peninsula that extends into the Atlantic Ocean from the Eastern coast of the island of Grande-Terre, in Guadeloupe. Located 11 km East from Saint-François, it overlooks the island of La Désirade, eructing only 8 km away into the Atlantic. Made of distinctive rock formations and a large littoral strip, La Pointe des Châteaux hosts rare fauna and flora species, some of which being indigenous to the site.


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