Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Faces of NEPAL

This beautiful card really made my day. In the photo we can see young pupils at Shanti Gompa preparing for a austere life as buddhist monks with a ready smile. Thank you very much Lee, this is a amazing card, only the second I have from Nepal. This postcard took 27 days to arrive!
Young pupils at Shanti Gompa - NEPAL
Buddha was born in Shakya (Sakya) Kingdom of Kapilvastu at around which lies in present day Rupandehi district, Lumbini zone of Nepal. It has not been possible to assign with certainty the year in which Prince Siddhartha (birth name of the Buddha) was born, it is usually placed at around 623 B.C. 10 of Nepal's population practice Buddhism, consisting mainly of Tibeto-Burman ethnicities.

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