Monday, November 04, 2013

Bahoutdin Architectural Complex - UZBEKISTAN - UNESCO TENTATIVE

This card shows the mausoleum of the great spiritual leader Baxouddin (built between the XV and XVI centuries), one of the main attractions in the Bukhara Region. It's not a World Heritage Site yet, but maybe soon it will join the list. Thank you very much Igor for another awesome card. This postcard took 17 days to arrive! 
Sheikh Bohoutdin was the great representative of clergy from Nakshbandiy order, was considered as the spiritual patron of Bukhara governors, and died in 1389. That is why his necropolis, which has erected subsequently at his tomb, always was and remains the most esteemed in Uzbekistan and, at present, in the other countries, which practice Islam. Ancient toponymy of this settlement is known under the name Kasri Arifon.

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