Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Alto Douro Wine Region - PORTUGAL - UNESCO #1046

Last weekend I went with my wife to Douro valley (Foz Côa region) for a little getaway that we try to do every month for recharging our batteries and forget all the stress at work (unfortunately it couldn't be to Guadeloupe!). At this time of the year, the Douro is amazingly beautiful because the vineyard (already harvested) is painted in all types of yellow, brown and red (Autumn is such a lovely season). I didn't resist in sending to myself this beautiful panoramic card to my UNESCO collection. This postcard took 5 days to arrive!
UNESCO #1046 - Alto Douro Wine Region - PORTUGAL
Wine has been produced by traditional landholders in the Alto Douro region for some 2,000 years. Since the 18th century, its main product, port wine, has been world famous for its quality. This long tradition of viticulture has produced a cultural landscape of outstanding beauty that reflects its technological, social and economic evolution.

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