Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Wulingyuan - CHINA - UNESCO #640

Today I had three postcards from China from different senders and different dates (probably the same mail plane!). This one shows the beautiful peaks in the Wulingyuan region - they have a kind of "not of this planet" beauty and I almost bet that they were the inspiration of James Cameron for the landscape of Pandora in Avatar (remember when they go hunting a Banshee?). Thank you very much Vickie for this amazing card. As for my collection, 176 down, 805 to go. This postcard took 15 days to arrive!
UNESCO #640 - Wulingyuan Mountains - CHINA
A spectacular area stretching over more than 26.000 ha in China's Hunan Province, the site is dominated by more than 3,000 narrow sandstone pillars and peaks, many over 200 m high. Between the peaks lie ravines and gorges with streams, pools and waterfalls, some 40 caves, and two large natural bridges. In addition to the striking beauty of the landscape, the region is also noted for the fact that it is home to a number of endangered plant and animal species.

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