Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Storming of the Winter Palace" - CCCP

From a esthetic point of view, I always loved old Soviet Art and political propaganda posters... I think they have a extreme straighten and power that attract me. Katya is a postcrosser from Moscow and she sent me four amazing vintage cards with old soviet stamps. I'm even creating a CCCP label for this kind of cards and hope to receive lots of them in the future. This one shows the storming of the winter palace on the days of the October revolution.Thank you very much Katya. This postcard took 30 days to arrive!
"Storming of the Winter Palace" - Pavel Sokolov-Skalia - CCCP
Born June 21, 1899, in Strel’na, now part of Leningrad (St.Petersbourg), died Aug. 3,1961, in Moscow. Pavel Petrovich Sokolov-Skalia was a Soviet painter and graphic artist. Most numerous among Sokolov-Skalia’s works are historical revolutionary and battle scenes imbued with a romantic spirit.


  1. I see now which topic will be next on the list when you fulfill your UNESCO collection :)

  2. I don't know if I ever will fulfill the UNESCO collection Tsveti - some sites seem almost impossible to obtain cards (at least sent from the country of origin, like I prefer)... there are hundreds of topics to continue to colect (that's the beauty with Postcards... a neverending treasure) - political propaganda is something I always liked - I would love to have old WWII postcards (allies and axis)