Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Samarkand - UZBEKISTAN - UNESCO#603

The second card I've got from Igor is the 400th card I receive since April 19th when my POSTCROSSING adventure started (thank you all!). I have already two cards from Samarkand but they're old soviet cards showing that place still in ruins and were sent from Ukraine (I love them very much because they're unique) and now, thanks to Igor I have one showing the renovated historic town and it was sent from Tashkent the capital city of Uzbekistan, so my collection gets much more complete. This postcard took 17 days to arrive!

UNESCO #603 - Samarkand - UZBEKISTAN
The historic town of Samarkand, located in a large oasis in the valley of the Zerafshan River, in the north-eastern region of Uzbekistan, is considered the crossroads of world cultures with a history of over two and a half millennia. Evidence of settlements in the region goes back to 1500 BC, with Samarkand having its most significant development in the Temurid period, from the 14th to the 15th centuries, when it was capital of the powerful Temurid realm. Located on the crossroads of the great trade routes that traversed Central Asia, Samarkand has a multi-millennial history.


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