Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Okayam Korakuen Garden - JAPAN

My 60th official POSTCROSSING card arrivedtoday from Japan and it shows one of the three most important gardens in that country, Okayam Korakuen Garden. I've never heard of this garden before, but it seams a really nice place (I like oriental gardens very much, specially in the spring) - Thank you very much Takako, all the best for you to. This postcard took 8 days to arrive!

The scene of Kyokusul, Okayam Korakuen Garden - JAPAN

Kōraku-en, is a Japanese garden located in Okayama It is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, along with Kenroku-en and Kairaku-en. Korakuen was built in 1700 by Ikeda Tsunamasa, lord of Okayama. The garden reached its modern form in 1863. The area of this garden is 13 ha, consisting of Enyotei as its core, a Noh stage, a pond, a miniature hill, a plum-grove, and a tea plant garden. In contrast with other Japanese style gardens, there is a broad lawn included in the garden.


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