Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mill Network at Kinderdijk-Elshout - NETHERLANDS - UNESCO #818

This official card came from the Netherlands and it shows the amazingly beautiful mill network at Kinderdijk, one of the greatest tourist attraction in Holland and one of the places I liked the most on my tour last summer. Thank you very much Wim and Tea, now I have a card from this lovely place that wasn't sent by myself. This postcard took 4 days to arrive! 
UNESCO #818 - Kinderdijk (Multiview) - NETHERLANDS
The outstanding contribution made by the people of the Netherlands to the technology of handling water is admirably demonstrated by the installations in the Kinderdijk-Elshout area. Construction of hydraulic works for the drainage of land for agriculture and settlement began in the Middle Ages and have continued uninterruptedly to the present day. The site illustrates all the typical features associated with this technology – dykes, reservoirs, pumping stations, administrative buildings and a series of beautifully preserved windmills.

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