Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Kaiserburg, Nuremberg - GERMANY

This oficial card came from Nuremberg in Germany and it shows a typical medieval house from that region (much alike the ones I saw in Alsace) that is part of the Imperial Castle, a place I didn't knew until today and that really seems amazing (I wonder why it isn't on the UNESCO list). Thank you very much Ismene, I liked your card a lot. This postcard took 4 days to arrive!
Pilatushaus, Kaiserburg, Nürnberg - GERMANY
Nuremberg Castle is a historical building on a sandstone rock in the north of the historical city of Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany. It comprises three sections: the imperial castle ("Kaiserburg"), some buildings of the Burgraves of Nuremberg ("Burggrafenburg"), and the municipal buildings of the Imperial City at the eastern site ("Reichsstädtische Bauten"). The castle together with the City walls of Nuremberg is meant to be one of Europes most considerable medieval weir systems.

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