Friday, October 11, 2013

Holy Trinity Column, Olomouc - CZECH REPUBLIC - UNESCO #859

Located in the largest square of Olomouc, the historical capital city of Moravia in Czech Republic, this amazing 18th century construction is one of the most exceptional examples of the apogee of central European Baroque artistic expression. It's one of the many things I want to visit when I finally have the chance to visit Czech Republic (hopefully in a not so distant future). Thank you very much. Ok now, 182 down, 799 to go. This postcard took 10 days to arrive!
UNESCO #859 - Holy Trinity Column - CZECH REP.
This memorial column, erected in the early years of the 18th century, is the most outstanding example of a type of monument specific to central Europe. In the characteristic regional style known as Olomouc Baroque and rising to a height of 35 m, it is decorated with many fine religious sculptures, the work of the distinguished Moravian artist Ondrej Zahne.

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