Monday, October 21, 2013

Chiado, Lisbon - PORTUGAL

Portuguese masons use ceramic tiles in buildings since the XV century (we took from the Moors the tecnology and also the word: "Zalij" in Arab, "Azulejo" in Portuguese). Even today ceramic tiles are often used in buildings, mainly on decorative panels. Historic downtown Lisbon is famous for the tiled façades like the one on this card (a early XX century building in Chiado). Thank you very much Zé for this beautiful postcard. This postcard took 18 days to arrive!
Tiles in Façade (XX century), Chiado, Lisbon - PORTUGAL
Chiado is the name of a square and its surrounding area in the city of Lisbon, Portugal and it is located between the neighbourhoods of Bairro Alto and Baixa Pombalina. It's a traditional shopping area that mixes old and modern commercial establishments, mostly located at the Carmo and Garrett streets. The most well-known café of Chiado is "A Brasileira", famous for having had poet Fernando Pessoa among its customers, and today it is very popular among tourists. The Chiado is also an important cultural area, with several museums and theatres.


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