Friday, October 25, 2013

Bungle Bungle - AUSTRALIA - UNESCO #1094

It's always a nice feeling when you get a official postcrossing card showing that the sender took the time to read your profile and choose a postcard according to your preferences. This beautiful panoramic card shows the peculiar sandstone formations in the Purnululu National Park - Thank you very much Heather for this amazing postcard, my 3rd UNESCO site from "down under" and the 206th on my collection, only 775 to finish (almost there!). This postcard took 18 days to arrive!

UNESCO #1094 - Bungle Bungle, Purnululu - AUSTRALIA
The 239,723 ha Purnululu National Park is located in the State of Western Australia. It contains the deeply dissected Bungle Bungle Range composed of Devonian-age quartz sandstone eroded over a period of 20 million years into a series of beehive-shaped towers or cones, whose steeply sloping surfaces are distinctly marked by regular horizontal bands of dark-grey cyanobacterial crust (single-celled photosynthetic organisms). These outstanding examples of cone karst owe their existence and uniqueness to several interacting geological, biological, erosional and climatic phenomena.


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