Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wooden Church of Chiloe - CHILE - UNESCO #971

The second card Hernan sent me from Chile shows Tenaun Church in "Isla Grande de Chiloe" (big island of Chiloe archipelago). He went there back in 2002 and he says that each village, city or town has its beautiful wooden church painted in a unique color (for instance Caguach is Red, Vilupulli is Pink). Thank you very much Hernan for this amazing swap. Now I have 151 UNESCO sites, only 830 to go. This postcard took 14 days to arrive!

UNESCO #971 - Tenaun Church, Chiloe - CHILE
The Churches of Chiloé represent a unique example in Latin America of an outstanding form of ecclesiastical wooden architecture. They represent a tradition initiated by the Jesuit Peripatetic Mission in the 17th and 18th centuries, continued and enriched by the Franciscans during the 19th century and still prevailing today. These churches embody the intangible richness of the Chiloé Archipelago, and bear witness to a successful fusion of indigenous and European culture, the full integration of its architecture in the landscape and environment, as well as to the spiritual values of the communities.


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