Monday, September 09, 2013

Ribamar, Mafra - PORTUGAL

In this card you can see a kind of "now and then" because an old windmill still stands beneath modern wind power generators (Portugal made an extraordinary investment in green energy production in the last decade). It was sent by my postcrossing forum friend José Guedes that picked Ribamar as his main holiday destination (bet you're a seafood lover). Thanks a lot Zé (or should I say Mr. Zé?). This postcard took 4 days to arrive!

Wind Power Generators in Ribamar, Mafra - PORTUGAL
Ribamar is a village less than 3 km north of the famous seaside resort of Ericeira and about 38 km northwest of Lisbon, and it's famous for the beaches, like São Lourenço, Coxos and Ribeira d´Ilhas,  where occur several surfing and body-boarding championships. Over the past 20 years has become the seafood capital of the Lisbon region, with about 15 seafood restaurants and over one million visitors per year.


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