Friday, September 27, 2013

"Portrait of Catherine and Mary Radzivill" - BELARUS

This official card was sent by Julija, a postcrosser from Belarus and it shows a portrait of two women, Catherine and Mary Radzivill,  that I bet must had some social importance in the XVII century, but incredibly I coudn't found any information on the web about them or even the Painter, J. Shretter - it's funny, the only pages about this painting available are those made by postcrossers complaining about the lack of information. But don't get me wrong, Julija, I like your postcard very much, thanks a lot - I love painting reproductions. This postcard took 21 days to arrive!
"Portrait of Catherine and Mary Radzivill", 1646
The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus – the largest collection of the Belarusian and foreign art within the country – is located in the centre of Minsk. It has more than 27000 works of art comprising two main representative collections: the one of national art and the other of monuments of art of the countries and nations of the world.


  1. To find informations about them you need their Polish or Lithianian names =) But it's still hard to find info about Anna in English. The Radziwiłłs were Polish - Lithuanian noble family.

  2. Thank you very much for the info Wioloszka... I remember searching the web for a long time when I got this one... and I also remember finding several other desperate bloggers that receive the same card and coudn't find nothing about them! :)

  3. This is really funny, I happend to find your entry, because I received this postcard and try to find some information about the painter! So the painter is also polish or lithuanian maybe? In any case, it's really interesting,