Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Episcopal City of Albi - FRANCE - UNESCO #1337

This is the second card that Joana and Marta sent me from France. In the southeastern France there are several cities that fulfill your imagination, specially if you like the medieval times. Last year I've made a great road trip across that region, but unfortunately I didn't pass by Albi. Thank you very much ladies for remembering me. This is my 158th UNESCO site, only 823 to the end. This postcards took just 1 day to arrive!

UNESCO #1337 - Episcopal City of Albi - FRANCE
On the banks of the Tarn river in south-west France, the old city of Albi reflects the culmination of a medieval architectural and urban ensemble. Built in a unique southern French Gothic style from local brick in characteristic red and orange colours, the lofty fortified Cathedral dominates the city, demonstrating the power regained by the Roman Catholic clergy. The Episcopal City of Albi forms a coherent and homogeneous ensemble of monuments and quarters that has remained largely unchanged over the centuries.


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