Thursday, September 05, 2013

Crater Lakes, São Miguel - AZORES - PORTUGAL

My sister went to the island of São Miguel in Azores for a three week summer vacation, of course I immediately asked for some cards and today I receive five! This one shows 4 of the 23 volcanic lakes. I just love Azores, I've been there last year and I have to say it's one of the most beautiful natural places in the world, you must visit it if you have the chance. Thank yo very much Susana. This postcard took 6 days to arrive!

São Miguel Crater Lakes, Azores - PORTUGAL
Sites of calm tranquillity in amongst the greenery and flowers, crater lakes and lagoons of breathtaking beauty are just one characteristic of the island of São Miguel in Azores. The most well known is Sete Cidades, two ecologically-different small-lakes connected by a narrow passage (and crossed by a bridge), located inside a dormant volcano on the western third of the island.


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