Monday, September 09, 2013

Coca Festival, Monção - PORTUGAL

This beautiful card shows one ancient tradition that takes place every year in Monção in northern Portugal, near the border with Galicia (Spain). This card has an interesting history. My mother's friend Fernanda mailed it right in Monção, but it went to France (?!?) and I received it without stamp but with a sticker from the french mail. I've read similar histories in POSTCROSSING forum, but it's the first time that this happens to me. Thank you very much Fernanda, slowly you're getting addicted in this postcard thing. This postcard took 17 days to arrive!

Festa da Coca (Coca Festival), Monção - PORTUGAL

Sticker from the French Mail!
Coca is a female dragon that in medieval times, in the Iberian Peninsula, used to take part in different celebrations. In Portugal one still survives in Monção and she fights in some sort of medieval tournament with saint George during the Corpus Christi celebrations. She is called "Santa Coca" (Saint Coca) or "Coca rabixa" (Tailed Coca) and if she defeats Saint George, by scaring the horse, there will be a bad year for the crops and famine, if the horse and Saint George win by cutting off one of her ears with earring and her tongue, the crops will be fertile.


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