Thursday, August 15, 2013

Skogskyrkogården cemetery - SWEDEN - UNESCO #558

Normally people avoid going to cemeteries and in a way it's comprehensible, because we cannot dissociate them from the grief of losing someone you love. In my case I don't avoid them and I've visited several with interest like Pére Lachaise in Paris, the WWI and WWII massive gardens of stone in France, the cemetery of Monreal, Canada (I can't forget the astonish look on our driver's face when my wife and I said that we wanted to visit it) - to be honest it gives me a peaceful feeling. I didn't knew about the Skogskyrkogården prior to this swap, but now I really wish to visit it. Thanks a lot Merja for the first card I receive from Sweden and my 127th UNESCO site postcard, only 854 to the end. This postcard took 3 days to arrive!
UNESCO #558 - Skogskyrkogården cemetery - SWEDEN
This Stockholm cemetery was created between 1917 and 1920 by two young architects, Asplund and Lewerentz, on the site of former gravel pits overgrown with pine trees. The design blends vegetation and architectural elements, taking advantage of irregularities in the site to create a landscape that is finely adapted to its function. It has had a profound influence in many countries of the world.


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