Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Old City of Berne - SWITZERLAND - UNESCO #267

This postcard shows the Marksman-fountain and Clock-tower in the city of Berne (UNESCO site for 30 years now) in Switzerland, an amazing place I had the chance to visit some years ago when I made a road trip around Switzerland (beautiful country but awfully expensive). Thank you very much Oscar and Daniela for this nice surprise - 137 down, 844 to go. This postcard took 4 days to arrive! 
UNESCO #267 - Old City of Berne - SWITZERLAND
Founded in the 12th century on a hill site surrounded by the Aare River, Berne developed over the centuries in line with a an exceptionally coherent planning concept. The buildings in the Old City, dating from a variety of periods, include 15th-century arcades and 16th-century fountains. Most of the medieval town was restored in the 18th century but it has retained its original character.


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