Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mont Sainte-Odile, Alsace - FRANCE

Another beautiful walk we made in Alsace was around the peak of Mont Sainte-Odile, a sacred place for more than 3000 years - there are remains of Celtic construction (the pagan wall) and a fountain said to be miraculous for eyesight... I was thirsty of the walk and I think I drank a gallon, so I'll probably never need glasses when I get older.

Sainte-Odile of Alsace Monastery - FRANCE
Mont Sainte-Odile is a 763 m peak of the Vosges Mountains in Alsace in France, immediately west of Barr. It has a monastery/convent at its top called the Hohenburg Abbey, and is notable also for its stone fortifications called "the Pagan Wall." St Odile of Alsace, also known as Odilia and Ottilia, born c. 662 - c. 720 at Mont Sainte-Odile), is a saint venerated in the Roman Catholic Church, patroness of good eyesight, and of Alsace.

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