Friday, August 30, 2013

Monsaraz, Alentejo - PORTUGAL

To spend my last days of summer vacation I went to Alentejo (one of my favorite portuguese regions) for a few days of "dolce fare niente". Monsaraz is a wonderful place, with a very old castle, lots of little shops with handcraft and home made jams and since the construction of Alqueva Dam, an astonishingly view over the largest artificial lake in Europe. A perfect spot for a getaway. This postcard took 2 days to arrive!
Medieval village of Monsaraz, Alentejo - PORTUGAL
Monsaraz is a civil parish (freguesia) on the right margin of the Guadiana River in Portuguese Alentejo region, near its border with Spain. Due to its geographic position, the hilltop of Monsaraz always occupied an important place in the history of the municipality, having been occupied by different peoples since the pre-historical record. It is one of the oldest Portuguese settlements of the southern Portugal.

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