Sunday, August 11, 2013

Massandra Palace, Crimea - UKRAINE

One more card from Ukraine with another astonishing beautiful Crimean palace, this time the Massandra Palace. Thank you again Valya, you have been amazing - I must visit Crimea one day, it really looks amazing. Meanwhile I'll search for some beautiful cards to send you, sorry about the delay, but this days have been difficult. Hope you had a wonderful time in your vacations!

Alexander III Palace, Massandra, Crimea - UKRAINE
Massandra has one of the best architectural monuments of the South Coast of the Crimea, the palace of Emperor Alexander III.  The palace in Luis XIII style was designed by a French architect Bushar. During the Soviet time this marvelous architectural monument was a top secret facility. The ex-USSR Communist Party leaders and members of government stayed for holidays in the czar’s palace that became a state summer residence. Currently the palace is a tourist attraction.

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