Friday, August 09, 2013

Lüneburger Heide - GERMANY

Another official card from Germany (20% of my sent/received cards are to/from there), this time with a multiview of the wonderful Lunenburg Heath in the northern part of that beautiful country. Thank you very much Kathi, it's always nice to meet another (real) books and vinyl records lover... it's good to know I'm not that old-fashioned!

Lunenburg Heath (multi-view) - GERMANY
The Lunenburg Heath is a large area of heath, geest and woodland in the northeastern part of the state of Lower Saxony in northern Germany. It forms part of the hinterland for the cities of Hamburg, Hanover, and Bremen and is named after the town of Lüneburg. Most of the area is a nature reserve. Northern Low Saxon is still widely spoken in the region.

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