Sunday, August 11, 2013

LISBOA 1996 by Paulo Nozolino - PORTUGAL

I love photography it's one of my major passions, and in this card is an amazing snap by Paulo Nozolino one of the best Portuguese BW shooters. The story behind this postcard is interesting. My good friend Ana bought this card in Serralves Museum of Modern Art in Oporto and sent it from Lisbon while participating on a teacher's protest rally with a nice quotation from José Luís Peixoto on the back. Thanks a lot Ana, I really loved this one!

LISBOA 1996 by Paulo Nozolino - PORTUGAL
Well known in the world of European photography, Paulo Nozolino was born in Lisbon in 1955. In the seventies, he lived in London, in the eighties and nineties in Paris, and recently he moved back to Portugal. He travelled extensively in Europe, the Arab world, North and South America and Macao, and published his photographs in numerous books.


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