Saturday, August 10, 2013

"L'Invitation au goûter", Hansi - FRANCE

Jean-Jacques Waltz is one of the most well known artist. Born in Colmar (I didn't have time to visit the museum, unfortunately) he received the name Hansi and became famous for his paintings and illustrations that shows the old ways and traditions of Alsace. In this postcard you have three young girls inviting you to try some tastes of Alsace: the fruits and flowers, the wine and a amazingly good cake called Gugelhupf made in a traditional pottery pan .
"L'Invitation au goûter", Hansi - FRANCE

Jean-Jacques Waltz (23 February 1873, Colmar - 10 June 1951), also known as "Oncle Hansi", or simply "Hansi" ("little John") was a French artist of Alsatian origin. He was a staunch pro-French activist, and is famous for his cute drawings, some of which contain harsh critiques of the Germans of the time. He was also a French hero of both the First and the Second World Wars.


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