Sunday, August 11, 2013

Imperial Tomb of Qing Dynasty - CHINA - UNESCO #1004

Waiting for me in a filled mailbox were four amazing cards from China, part of a direct swap I had arranged with a teenager called Angel, some weeks ago. This first one shows the sacred access road to the Xiaoling Tomb of the Qind Dynasty, occupied by the emperor Shunzhi. It rises my collection to 117 UNESCO cards, only 864 to finish the list.
UNESCO #1004 - Imperial Tomb of  the Qing Dynasty - CHINA
The Qing dynasty was established in 1636 by the Manchus to designate their regime in Manchuria. The three Imperial Tombs were built in the period when their capital was in Shenyang. In 1644, the capital was transferred to Beijing and the Manchus established their dynasty for China. This Imperial Tombs of the Qing Dynasty in Liaoning Province were built in the 17th century. Constructed for the founding emperors of the Qing Dynasty and their ancestors, the tombs follow the precepts of traditional Chinese geomancy and fengshui theory.


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