Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Cologne Cathedral - GERMANY -UNESCO #292

This was one of the main objectives of this summer trip... Since I was a young boy I dream of visiting Cologne, specially because of the well known photos of the end of the World War II that show a devastated city with only the cathedral standing. Now, many years after the moment I first saw that photo (I've found a postcard with one alike) I finally visit this amazingly beautiful cathedral and spend two wonderful days in Köln, a very pretty city with warm and nice people (maybe I should give another chance to the Germans - I've felt welcome and really enjoyed meeting some local folks, even without speaking a word of their language). This special site is my 111th, only 870 to the end.

UNESCO #292 - Cologne Cathedral - GERMANY

The Cologne Cathedral in 1945 after the WWII bombings
Begun in 1248, the construction of this Gothic masterpiece took place in several stages and was not completed until 1880. Over seven centuries, successive builders were inspired by the same faith and a spirit of absolute fidelity to the original plans. Apart from its exceptional intrinsic value and the artistic masterpieces it contains, Cologne Cathedral testifies to the enduring strength of European Christianity.

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