Sunday, August 11, 2013

Canal Central, Aveiro - PORTUGAL

My lovely 9 year old nephew Francisca wrote me a delicious postcard, with that curly and still trembling handwriting, right from Aveiro where she's staying with my mother in this summer school vacations - Obrigado Francisca!!!

Central Chanel and Moliceiro boats, Aveiro - PORTUGAL
Situated in the Baixo Vouga sub-region between the Atlantic Ocean and the mountainous surroundings of its neighboring districts, Aveiro’s rich landscape is characterized by its sandy coast, beautiful estuary, gardens and parks.  Commonly nicknamed the ‘Portuguese Venice’, the enchanting capital city of Aveiro is crossed by a shimmering canal and is considered one of the most charming destinations in the country for its brightly patterned "Moliceiro" boats, array of pastel-tinted Art Nouveau buildings and its calm urban atmosphere.

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