Saturday, August 10, 2013

Burgos Cathedral - SPAIN - UNESCO#316

After the officials, today I'll post all the cards I've sent to myself in my summer trip (unfortunately shortened, but even so a great tour). On my way to France, my first stop was in the beautiful city of Burgos. It's a traditional stop I make when driving to France, for a coffee and a walk on the historic center. This time I didn't enter in the majestic cathedral, but it's a site I know very well and that enters in my UNESCO postcard collection - 103 down, 878 to go!

UNESCO #316 - Burgos Cathedral - SPAIN
Burgos Cathedral, an outstanding example of an integral Gothic cathedral, with church, cloister and annexes. has exerted, at different times, a considerable influence on the evolution of architecture and the plastic arts. It bears witness to the creative genius of many architects, sculptors, and craftsmen. It is sufficient to call to mind its role in the diffusion in Spain of the forms of French Gothic art of the 13th century, and the international importance of the workshop in the 15th and 16th centuries.

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